gtfoomb: browsers have become tools of oppression and exploitation, the java of the 2010s. browsers were tools to share information. now they are tools to externalize development costs onto the users. instead of developing tools in the KISS paradigm, and expensively supporting N different OS and distributions, companies develop JS shit, making our browsers engines for remotely running untrusted code. Browsers should be considered compromised objects outside of the DMZ, yet we do our internet banking, our private chats, and even our business in them. take netflix, they needed to protect their hegemony over the content they're streaming, and thus even the W3C became a puppet of corporate interests and made mozilla a traitor when DRM/EME was built even into firefox. what you put into a browser is defining the internet, thus google has their own browser, they don't want to mess around with OS kernels, so they build QUIC as a userland protocol, reference implementation in chrome, now around 10% of traffic on the internet is QUIC according to some biased sources. There's now videos playing in browsers, games, office suites, all in the name of centralization. and it's all fucking slow, with the layers and layers of unnecessary abstractions, but these are also externalized on the users. ever wondered why your browser needs so much memory? because of all the js frameworks from facebook, instagram, and the others that real-time update. if you want to say no to all this JS and other crap, you are cast out of this society, cannot participate, there is no open protocols that allow you to interface with these services, instead you have api-keys, throttling, captchas, and you are ridiculed that you are a relic of the past and should get on, you old fart. respect, solidarity, sharing of knowledge, privacy are all not profitable, so fuck off. no i say, you "Get The Fuck Out Of My Browser!"


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